WSUP Rocks is Your Only Alternative

Member when WSUP was Your Only Alternative? We member.

Exclusively online, WSUP Rocks is a remastering of the college style modern alternative rock experience with a few of the specialty shows you remembered and loved (or didn’t).

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    Specialty Show Schedule [Central time]:

    • Twin Spin Lunch Hour – Daily 12pm-1pm
    • Upbeats and Beatdowns – Wednesday 7pm-2am
    • Tri-State Music Connection – coming soon
    • Heavy Metal Meltdown – coming soon
    • Friday Night Jamz – Friday 6pm-4am
    • Saturday Night Dance Party – Saturday 6pm-4am
    • Sunday Musicale – Sunday 9am-10am
    • The Garage – Sunday 6pm-4am

    – Station Management

    • Station Manager – citking
    • Chief Announcer – The Danimal
    • Program Director – Special K
    • Production Director – The Whipping Boy
    • Operations Director – Mr. Self Destruct

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    WSUP Rocks is broadcast and licensed through SoniXCast, an internet radio network hosted in Canada under the jurisdiction of SOCAN. WSUP Rocks, callsign CSNX-8020, is wholly owned and operated by SoniXCast.